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Upside Down Mandala

All proceeds from the sale of this print are donated to food banks in Yemen.

If you look closely, you might notice the patterns in this Mandala are inverted -- they concave towards the Bindu (center point) instead of emerging from it. Unusual, but intentional.


The creation of this Mandala was surprisingly involved. It began to emerge when I was left with my own thoughts and worries. Every time I sat down to create, and meditated on its shape, I was drawn to reflect on all the things I must let go. That meditation imbedded itself into this Mandala's form, channelling release. 

I hope that meditating on this form, helps serve as a reminder to let go of the things you carry that do not serve you. I hope it takes what you no longer need. I hope you know that we have no control in our pasts, but we do have a responsibility to heal and mend the future. 

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