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My work intersects the traditions of Yantra creation, Srikalahasti Kalmakari, and Conceptualist Abstraction with Cyphers, Codes, and Iconographies from my many homes. I intend to reassess normalcy through the merger of academic discussion and colloquial motifs. Calling attention to our omnipresent synergy, and the vested interests that obscure it.

Visual Art

What you see in art says more about you than the art or the artist.

Why don’t you decode my work!

What do you see? 

About Tottering


Totter is a Human Kaleidoscope

I limn my world through eccentric configurations of  mediums and motifs. I create convolution through explorations of patterns, codes and ciphers, attempting to simultaneously highlight and bypass noteworthy censorship.


I hold a BA in Psychology from the University of British Columbia. My primary areas of interest include Schizophrenic Disorders, Adjustment Disorders and Trauma-Informed Holistic Psychotherapy.

At present, I am a frontline Mental Health Worker with PHS CSS focusing on overdose prevention and assisted living for those with significant distress or impairment.

Read my publications:

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