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The proceeds from all sales here are donated in equal parts to Indigenous Women Rising, Leaf Women's Legal Education Fund  and The Vancouver Period Pantry. 

Meet the artists


Emily Whiting is a film photographer who splits their time between Lake of the Woods, Ontario & Vancouver, British Columbia. Emily is inspired by Canada's landscapes, social justice, moments of human connection, and the often overlooked mundane everyday.

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Julianna Reader

Julianna is an interdisciplinary artist based in Vancouver. She creates using many mediums including digital design & illustration, Ink based Illustration, Cosmetics and many more!


To see more of her work visit her Instagram page below. 

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Sahana Babu

sahana (she/they) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Vancouver, BC, intent on exploring their relationship with the world around them through art. Her media of choice range from digital illustration and pottery, to canvas painting and fabric dyeing.


Influenced by her ancient Tamil heritage, she works to stir conversation around power, politics, and justice through her works. They learned to wade through a tangle of stories and perspectives, having moved every 3-4 years of their childhood, gaining a great intrigue for complexity.


She hopes to use her artistic voice to raise questions that matter, as well as contribute to the conversation in meaningful (and often chaotic) ways.

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Totter is a human Kaleidoscope. She makes portals!

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