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The Watcher

The extent to which observation alters reality is interesting. Its not just -- so labelled -- sentient beings changing their behaviour under observation, even something as small as a light particle reorients its behaviour. 

If there is evidence that most things alter their form substantially under observation, whose to say any of our understandings of the world are at all accurate? That the scientific method is valid? What will the human race do without a (seemingly) reliable way to answer all its questions? 


An omniscient being watching over everything we do. The observer is as real as you make them. You can choose to give The Watchers a Stanislavski piece on yourself or you could get Brechtian, break the fourth wall. 

You should see what happens when you begin conversing with the Universe. Do not underestimate an accumulation of consciousness… and everything else that’s ever been or not been. Worthwhile conversation!

The colours and styling for this piece are my take on a street art aesthetic. I connected this symbol of observation to an omnipresent style to try and juggle the idea of unwavering surveillance.



Most theologies focus on a humanoid god or gods who judge us after death. I believe the only judge is Time. They're the only constant.

They will judge you based on how you use them, if you've wasted the part of them they lent you, they'll demand it back. 


All living beings are fractions of an infinite whole. The only thing we experience in common, for certain, is time. 

Colours for Time were borrowed from The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali. 



The Watcher's pawn.


The Witnesses sit atop every ocular lens. Like little fragments of The Watcher, they witness everything, as unbiased children of Truth.


Creatures of Chatter

My attempt at showing you my experience of the universe, building the characters foundational to Tottering Chatter's Narrative. 

pay. close. attention.



I am neon goo with voids for eyes and a worm-hole of pain in my kidney. I can not "see".


coming soon



coming soon


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